Bringing you original melodic rock n roll from Glastonbury, Somerset. Truthseekers are Liam (vocals / guitar), Tobes (bass) and Graham (drums). Passionate about songs and performing live. Debut album “Bee” is out now and available from all online platforms and at shows. Find out where we are playing next on our Facebook page.

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Bee | Truthseekers

BEE | Truthseekers

The debut album by Truthseekers is available now through all online digital retailers and at live shows. The album features ten original tracks written by Liam Howard, stylistically diverse and instantly engaging.

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Email: truthseekers.band@gmail.com

If you would like to book Truthseekers for a show, would like to review our album or would just like to say hi, please get in touch using the contact form or via our social network pages.

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